Frequently Asked Questions

We do not make the boot itself- all changes made by Canty Boots are cosmetic. The boots are all high quality and reputable brands but we do not know how comfortable each pair is. They are all different. We rarely have customers return the boots because of comfort issues.

This also varies because of the boot maker. Some boots fit different than others. Please ask and we will do our best to measure and or pass on what recent customers have said about the fit and sizing of particular boots.

If you are a boot wearer, you are used to grabbing the pull straps and pulling from a high up position and pushing away from you. Canty Boots do not have pull straps.. so you must grab where the rivets are on the back and pull from an entirely different position. The leather will break down and soften with wear so it will get easier.

I am not a boot repair; I hope to someday have the skills needed to do these things. The boots are vintage.. they are old and I can’t fix what you break or damage. Please be kind to your cantys and they will be kind to you.

Yes! We encourage this because we know that the boots fit you and that you love them already. Send them to us and we will make them uniquely yours! See the Shipping and Returns section for more information.