Custom Canty Boots®

In addition to our handmade, ready to wear pairs of Canty Boots®, our custom redesign service allows clients' boots to get a fresh new look. Send us a pair of your tall boots and in a few weeks, you will be ready to show off your Cantys!


Over 10,000 pairs sold

Our Story

Canty Boots® is an upscale, western brand and store located in Southwest Montana, in the rural town of Harrison (population 200). Twelve years ago, Nikki discovered a pair of exotic cowgirl boots to be problematic with the tall shafts constantly rubbing her calves. After snipping and cutting the shafts, Nikki rolled them down and gave them a new identity as a pair of short boots. She took her creativity one step further by wrapping mismatched leather straps around them and thus, the first pair of Canty Boots® was born.

The woman behind the brand

Nikki Edmundson

I grew up in Butte, Montana—about 50 miles from our forever home in Harrison. In high school, I was either playing sports or I was working on art projects. I took every art class my school offered and continued by enrolling in art classes in college. When I cut the first pair of boots, I felt inspired and began ordering more boots for the purpose of redesign. When people would compliment my creations it validated me and my belief that creating art is my path. What started as a hobby in our garage is now my passion and with the love and support of my family and community—it thrives.

When I am not working in the shop, you can find me at a sporting event for one or all of our four kids, helping Tucker with ranch duties (in Canty Boots®) or spending time with loved ones near and far.

Come and see us sometime. If you haven't joined the Canty community—we want you! If you are a Canty lover, we thank you.


Canty; adj

Months after the first pair of Canty Boots® was created, it was time to give them a name and make a go at the boot business. Nikki was coming up short on finding a name that embodied the spirit of the boots, so on a family vacation she asked her husband, Tucker, what he thought these cool boots should be called. Without hesitation he replied, “Look up the word Canty in the dictionary.”

By definition, Canty means lively, upbeat and in good spirits.

Canty Boots®, symbolizes a cheerful energy that celebrates individuality; a spirit that transforms tradition and allows all women, of all ages, to express themselves and feel beautiful. The word perfectly describes our bright, happy boots! Thanks, Tucker!

What Customers are Saying

Send your boots in!

"If you are thinking about sending in your personal pair of tall boots for redesign, DO IT! First of all, you can't beat the price! The Canty team is so accommodating and helpful when it comes to choosing the design elements!

When I sent my boots in, I chose a beautiful Pendleton® wool to add to my boot tops. They added a leather tooled belt and leather braid to tie the look together. I asked if I could get my boots branded for an added personal touch and now my boots honor my late grandpa's ranch. They gave my pair an amazing new look in such a short amount of time!"