Canty Boots®

Custom Redesign

Do some of your boots in your closet need a fresh look? Do they not excite you anymore? Send them to us and we will redesign them into Canty Boots®!

You can place your custom boots order here on our website before shipping your boots to us in the mail. By placing your order online, you are securing your spot in line for us to complete your boots. Placing your order online includes several benefits:

1. No shipping fees! We will offer free shipping as your boots leave our shop. You'll save $13.00 per custom order!

2. No invoices! If you place your custom order on our website, there will be no need to pay an invoice.

3. You'll approve our design before your boots leave our doors! We want to make sure you love your boots after we Canty them, so you will have a say before we ship them out to you.

4. You can decide what design elements you want added to your boots! Choose a belt, braid, or both before you place your order. We also have a variety of materials, including but not limited to, Pendleton® wool, designer leather, and printed leather that can be stitched to your boots. 

*If you choose to send in customs, please note we do not take any responsibility for the structure of your personal boots. Our custom process only changes the aesthetic look of your boots, not the functionality or comfort. We prefer to work with traditional cowboy or western boots - unlined and made from real leather; however, we will gladly work with other types of boots. If you question whether your boots can be turned in to Canty Boots®, feel free to email us at and we will assist you.