Custom Beaver Fur Canty Boots®


So you have decided to send us your boots for custom design - that's great! Now please continue reading if you would like genuine beaver fur as your boot tops.

This listing is for Custom Beaver Fur Canty Boots® - meaning you want to pay an additional $150.00 to have genuine beaver fur sewn on to your boot bottoms (on top of the $225.00 to Canty your boots). Turnaround is 10-15 days once we receive your boots in the mail.

We offer four options of beaver hide. Sheared beaver does not contain any actual long hairs in the hide- it is a smooth and very soft fur.

Depending on our stock in your desired color, you may experience a longer completion time if we need to order more hides. If you purchase this option, please understand we can't add belts or braids to the beaver fur hide. 

Please read all instructions below carefully before sending in your boots:

  1. We recommend sending your most comfortable boots.
  2. Please do not send in lace-ups, fatbabies or boots with zippers as they can not be turned into Cantys.
  3. You will still approve our design before we ship your boots from our shop (via phone number). Paying for the customs up front will secure you a place in line to get your boots completed in a timely manner.
  4. Tuck a piece of paper in your boots with your name, email, and phone number and send it along with your pair to:
Canty Boots®
7528 HWY 287 N
Harrison, MT 59735
*If you choose to send in customs, please note we do not take any responsibility for the structure of your personal boots. Our custom process only changes the aesthetic look of your boots, not the functionality or comfort. We prefer to work with traditional cowboy or western boots - unlined and made from real leather; however, we will gladly work with other types of boots. If you question whether your boots can be turned into Cantys, feel free to email us at and we will assist you.
Hide Color:

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