Vintage Name Belts

These vintage name belts are the perfect addition to your closet! They also make for great gifts. Measurements and descriptions are below.

First bunch:
  • Linda Lee: tan belt with floral tooling and buckstitch detailing, 31"
  • Leonard: tan belt with red, white, and blue metallic inlay, leaf tooling, and buckstitch detailing, 34"
  • Suzi: tan belt with silver metallic inlay, floral tooling, and buckstitch detailing, 30"
  • Art: brown belt with eagle tooling, silver letters, and silver buckle, 38"
  • Evan: tan belt with leaf tooling, 41"
  • Joe: brown belt with tooling, woven leather detailing, and leather buckle, 39"
Second bunch:
  • Barb: tan belt with floral tooling, jockey detail, and buckstitch detailing, 30.5"
  • Don: brown belt with floral tooling, horsehair, and buckstitch detailing, 39"
  • Judith: tan belt with pine tree and pinecone tooling, buckstitch detailing, and gold buckle, 32"
  • Maurice: tan belt with blue and green inlay, silver letters, floral tooling, and buckstitch detailing, 38"
  • Jim: tan belt with floral tooling, silver letters, and gold buckle, 45"

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